How to Fix Windows Error 5001

By   November 17, 2018

Windows error 5001 is associated with McAfee antivirus application. This windows error 5001 specify the erroneous application, unlike other error hexadecimal code that only gives the user a clue, that there is a problem with certain programs, leaving the user to do trial and error method to fish out the problematic application or driver and solve it.
But, windows error 5001 gives the application name that has the issue with windows error message like- Error 5051: “McAfee Antivirus has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”. Thus, makes it straight forward enough to fix. Continue reading »

How to Solve Runtime Error 3464

By   July 6, 2017

It is an acquainted Microsoft windows error which occurs on the computer display. You may receive this run time error after installed an application on your system. . It is a common Windows problem that may obtain in any user’s computer. Your system becomes much slower when your system gets infected with Runtime Error 3464. So, don’t be taken in the scam. Here some symptoms, cause and also some solutions that will differently resolve your problem. So you need to read the below blog and you can fix Runtime Error 3464.

Symptoms of Runtime Error 3464

  • A fatal error has been detected by the java runtime environment
  • This error could not access vbscript runtime for custom action
  • Keep getting a runtime error 3464 on the system screen
  • Unable to load java runtime environment
  • Browser freezes for a while
  • Blue Screen of Death errors

Causes of Runtime Error 3464

  • Constant computer crashes
  • Spyware attacks
  • Failure Program uninstall
  • Excessive startup entries
  • Registry errors causes of this error
  • Decline Hardware/RAM
  • Fragmented files
  • Superfluous program installations

Solution of Runtime Error 3464

Manual Solution for run time error 3464

Run SFC to fix Run Time Error 3464 error

SFC is also known as system file checker. SFC is an utility in Windows which allows you to check out for corruption in Windows files and it can repair damage data files. When the verification does not complete do not close t his command prompt windows.

  • Start your computer and click on start button
  • Open the search box and type ‘cmd’ in this box and click as administrator.
  • Type sfc/scannow in the command prompt windows and hit Enter key.
  • It takes some time to complete this process. Wait a moment
  • After completing the process, restart your system.

Uninstall Suspicious Application

  • Start the computer and click on start button
  • Go to Control panel and select ‘program and function’ option and click to open.
  • Choose the application or program which is unnecessary or which you want to remove from your system.
  • Right click on the application or program to uninstall.
  • Click on install button to uninstall the programs
  • Close all the tabs and restart the system.

Other solution for runtime Error 3464

  • Click on start button and open search box, type ‘taskmgr’ in this search box
  • Double click on taskmgr.exe
  • Click on process; choose the program which you want to end
  • After selecting the program, you will see a small window
  • Click End Process to end this process.

Solution of Runtime Error r6002

By   June 30, 2017

A fault in Windows registry is cause Runtime error r6002. We know that our windows stores all its hardware and data and files which regulate the operation of these registry entries. These entries are very important for Windows. Most of the programs of your PC are stored in this place. This error can crash the system and display on your screen with an error message runtime error r6002. But there is no need to feel scared about this error you can install a automatic software for it which will scans all the errors and remove such kind of error by yourself. But corrupted registry can also cause of happening this error then that case you need to use a registry cleaners which don’t take much time to repair this error. The best thing is that you might be able to use a registry cleaner on your own. So there is no need to panic for error r6002, you cannot get such kind of error message on the screen after fixing it.
Symptoms of Runtime Error r6002

  • Automatic program lock-ups
  • PC performs slowly
  • User computer screen gets crashes or freezes
  • DLL file error
  • In the mid process of Windows application installation it gets fails
  • Slow down of internet speed
  • Blue screen of death error

Causes of Runtime Error r6002

  • Malware invasion with Windows files
  • Old or outdate driver
  • Malfunction of Hardware
  • Damaged Windows DLL files
  • Wrong registry entries
  • Incomplete installation of Adobe Photoshop Element software

Solution of Runtime Error r6002

Start your Windows PC in Safe Mode

  • Click on start menu and drop down shutdown menu and select restart option
  • Remove the battery and reinsert again
  • Now restart your system again
  • After the restarting select the Safe Mode option from there
  • Wait for a moment to restart the system.
  • You can quickly fix Runtime error r6002 by booting your computer in Safe mode.

Other solution

  • Start the PC
  • Press Alt + Ctrl+ Del buttons all together
  • You will see a Windows Task Manager
  • Check there is any windows program show up in the Applications or not
  • If you see any programs then highlight it and click on ‘End Task’ button
  • Wait a moment for non-responsive programs will automatic shut down and PC will free from this error.

Using a malware Scanning program you can fix this error

Malware or Virus infection might be cause of happening Runtime error r6002 but you can easily remove viruses or malware from your system using a strong Anti-virus program. You have to download a Ant-virus on your PC and then Install it.

Scan you full PC with this and after scanning restarts your PC.
If the problem is related with Virus or malware then if will completely resolve your problem and you will obtain on your computer again.

Remove Windows Runtime Error Code r6016

By   June 29, 2017

Windows runtime error code r6016 is a common issue when your PC application failed. It have many reason that this type of error shown on your computer. In this case some of harmful virus comes in your computer and successfully run then runtime error r6016 is shown on your screen. Other reason is that you can’t update your system properly then also attack error code r6016. Not enough space in your hard disk & you has to install a new program.  Quickly remove this error otherwise you have to face a big problem.
Symptoms of Windows Runtime Error Code r6016

A runtime error code r6016 always flash on your screen

When you want to update your system then a runtime r6016 appear in front of you

You have not installed any new program

Suddenly close your all active tab program & tab

Can’t be opened some of program  properly

Causes of Windows Runtime Error Code r6016

Not enough space in your hard disk is one of the main causes

Some of PC application is going to failure

Malware or spyware this type of virus comes in your system

Improperly shut down our system is also create this type error

Some type of windows registry file is factor of this error

Message of windows runtime error code r6016

Solution of Windows Runtime Error Code r6016

Manual method one

Click to start your computer. Go to the windows start menu button and click to open it. In this search box type control panel then press enter button. In this control panel tab search hardware and sound button then double click on it to open. Then click on device manager to open this in a new window. Right click on display adapter option in device manager. Hold the key on the graphics card option that you are using for windows technical preview. Left click on the uninstall button. This process take some time to complete this. Close all open tab. Reboot your computer.

Manual method two

Click to start your computer. Go to the windows start menu button and click to open it. In this search box type msconfig then press enter button. The system configuration window is open on your screen. Left click on the service tab button. You have to check the box to hide all Microsoft service. Then click on the disable all option buttons. Go to the general button in this window. If you have check selective startup feature button. Next you have unchecked the load startup items then click on apply button. Click on ok button to finally complete this process. Close all tab. Restart your system now.

Manual method three

Click to start your computer. Go to the windows start menu button and click to open it. In this search box type control panel then press enter button. When open the control panel window click on program & features button to open it. You have uninstalled the programs which have created this type of error code in your system. Go to the program and click on it. Then you see a uninstall or remove button click on it. A dialogue box in appear on your screen then click yes button. To confirm that you delete this program. After that close all tab and restart your system.
Manual method four

Click to start your computer. Go to the windows start menu button and click to open it. Choose the computer button and right click on it. Select manage button in this open slide. Then open a device manager window in your screen. If you see a yellow mark button in this window then click on it and select update driver. Click on ok button in this window. This process takes some time to proceed it. Close all tabs properly. Restart your computer.

How to Solve Runtime Error 8002

By   June 24, 2017

It is invalid port error which can occur at that time when User Windows operating system gets corrupted. When a number of applications run on their system, they can face many problems. During programs opening, it response slowly and will take too much time to open. Runtime Error 8002 obtains when something wrong with user’s registry entries. If all the system files are corrupted or your computer has ActiveX files. Runtime Error 8002 may crash their system or damage all the files that is saved in their system. At the time when you erect object function in Microsoft basics to make a case of Microsoft office application.
Symptoms of Runtime Error 8002

Repeatedly Error 8002 Invalid Port Number error messages popup

System runs very slow

Programs hang every time

Blue screen error

Unable to load java runtime environment

Unable to access vbscript runtime

Cause of Runtime Error 8002

Registry errors

Excessive startup entries

Hardware decline

Redundant or unnecessary program installation

Corrupted operating system

Diskette damaged

Outdated drivers issues

Missing DLL files

Insufficient space in hard disk

Solution of Runtime Error 8002

Restoring your system is the best way to fix their error. They can easily follow this process and restore their system.

Start the system and click on start and then go to programs options

Click on Accessories and navigate System Tools

Click on System Restore

Click on System restore my system and click on Next.

Follow the instruction which your show on the screen.

It is very easy process of flush off runtime error 8002

Some other solution to fix this runtime error

Start the system and open search box

Type services.msc in this box and hit Enter

Then double click on the software name

Click on general tab and go to startup type

Scroll down and select Disable and then click on OK to complete.

Uninstall the unnecessary programs

Go to start menu and write Add in the search box and hit Enter

After clicking on Enter, you see a Program and features dialog box will open.

You have to select the program which you want to remove.

Right click on the program and select to install.

Choose the program you want to remove, right click on it and select Uninstall.

Restart the system after completing the process.


Disable the Norton Confidential Browser

Click on start menu and go to Control panel

Click on internet Options and then programs

Manage add ons and go to the Norton Confidential Browser helper

Click on disable it and then Click OK to confirm the changes.

To enable the modifications, restart your system.

How to solve Runtime error 207

By   June 19, 2017

Runtime error 207 generally occurs when a DLL file is corrupted or missing or not registered on your system. It is a common problem for Windows users that can crashes anytime. When there Windows operating system becomes corrupted then this critical error can occur. There opening programs will be slower. Sometime when multiple applications run, then they may experience crashes and freezes problem of their system. There are many causes of occurring Runtime error some are as follows registry error, startup entries, hardware decline, unnecessary program, fragmented files etc.
Symptoms of Runtime error 207

  • This crashes the current program window
  • Windows runs slowly
  • System freeze for a period of time
  • Registry error
  • Startup entries issue

Causes of Runtime error 207

  • Msvcrt.dll is outdated (a Microsoft Visual C++ file)
  • Incorrect regional settings cause of Runtime error 207
  • Attack of Virus or malware
  • Damaged registry entries
  • Incorrect DLL

Solution of Runtime error 207

Update Windows to Fix Msvcrt.dll File

Occurring Runtime 217 error system user’s system unable to process the file.Mscrt.dll file is used by many program but sometimes Outdate or older versions of Windows may leads Runtime 217 error. So you need to update Windows.

Start you system and select Control Panel

Click on Windows Update and update it.

Correct the Regional Settings

Incorrect regional settings can causes of occurring runtime error 217. So when you correct the Regional settings you can fix your Runtime error easily.

Click on start and go to Control Panel

Click on Clock, language and Region

Select the specific setting which you need to change

Download StDole32.TLB from the internet

Download the file and place it on your system.

Place it c:\Windows\system32
Update your computer outdated drivers

Start your computer and right click on Computer and choose Manage Option

In Manage option click on Device Manage.

See if there a yellow exclamatory mark

Double click on it and click Update drivers

When you update the driver, it can solve your problem and user does get any type of runtime error on their system.

Solution of Runtime error 3051

By   June 18, 2017

While installing new software or programs, a user can get this Runtime error 3051. If some DLL files are missing then they may even get this error. So the common reason is registry files or corrupt dll files. When the error generates their application causing the problem must be deleted. This error is mainly associated with C++ programming. If user ignore for long time it can damage their DLL files and creates many more problem on their system. It mainly shows when your applications call a pure virtual function in a context which is not valid for the function. But they can fix this error after using these solutions.
Symptoms of Runtime error 3051

User always gets runtime error

Java runtime environment

Java runtime environment exception_access_violation

Unable to access vbscript runtime for custom action

Runtime error 3051 message prompt on the system screen

Unable to load java runtime environment

Causes of Runtime error 3051

Registry error

Unnecessary program Installations

Fragmented files

Missing Visual C++ Libraries

Attack of Virus

Imprudent startup entries

Solution of Runtime error 3051

Press Windows key+ alphabet R together

A run dialog box will appear after doing this

Type services.msc in this box and click on Enter.

Double click on the name of the software

Go to General in the startup type, select Disable and click on OK.

Reinstall the program

Click on start button and then click on control panel

Click on programs and features and right click on the unnecessary program which is cause of this runtime error

Now you can reinstall the latest version of the programs

Update your computer outdated drivers

  • Click on start and go to on My computer and right click on it
  • Choose Manage option
  • Go to device Manage in the Mange, see if there is a yellow exclamatory mark double click on it
  • Click update drivers
  • Restart your system after doing this.
  • Other solution
  • Press Win + alphabet R
  • A Run dialog box will appear
  • Type ‘msconfid’ in it and hit Enter key.
  • Click on start up tab and then go to configuration Utility dialog box
  • Before ViewMgr, clear the check box
  • Restart the computer
  • Runtime error 3051 will not appear any more when you use these solutions.
    Boot your Windows PC in Safe Mode
  • Click on start menu and select shutdown option
  • Remove the battery and reinsert in
  • Restart your PC again, start your PC in Safe Mode
  • Wait for sometimes, because it take a moment
  • When you boot your PC in Safe mode, you can easily remove this error from your system.

How to Resolve Runtime Error 380

By   June 15, 2017

Windows Operator System is very user friendly operating system. This is a common error which create problem in program files. But some time user found multiple errors in it. Every error has a specific reason so it is necessary to users they should understand the actual reason of this error code. When your system infected from malicious program then error 380 occurs. Don’t worry about this error you have to use an easy method and completely removed this error.
Symptoms of Runtime Error 380

There system performances slow

User system program run incorrectly

Many files get damaged or corrupted due to this error code

Your system can crash any time

Other symptom of error 380 Unable to install or uninstall any files, system sticking, severe data loss, screen freezing, occurring of blue screen of death

Causes of Runtime Error 380

Corrupt or damage System driver

Incomplete installation of program and software

Wrong program command line in registry

Virus infection in computer

Improper computer maintenance

Unfinished uninstalling of some files

Damaged device drivers

Misconfigured system files

Incorrect registry entries

Solution of Runtime Error 380

Disable ViewMgr to fix this error code

Click on Start menu and select Run

Type ‘msconfid’ in the run box and click on Enter

Click the Startup tab which is in system Configuration Utility dialog box

Then Clear the checkbox before ViewMgr

Restart your system.

Update the recent Windows programs of your system

Start the computer and Go to the start menu

Select control panel and click on ‘Programs and Features’

And select the programs or software which you want to uninstall or update

Right-click on that program and select Uninstall or update

Uninstalling or updating your recent programs can help you to get rid out of this Runtime Error 380

Other method

Open Start menu

Select Control Panel then Internet Options

Select Programs and Manage add ons.

You should find Norton Confidential Browser Helper, when you get this, you should disable it.

To confirm the changes, click on OK

To enable the modifications, restart your computer.
Use Third Party Tool to fix the error

Third party Tool is a good tool to fix any error code, it remove the entire problem which is occurring in your system. It also removes all the virus of your system and repair corrupted system files. This tool is making your system problem free and user system work fast or smoothly without getting any problem. Because it a automatic solution and also easy to use. In this method any user no need of technical knowledge. You just have to download it and install in your system and take a full scan of your system. After completing, restart the system.


By   June 7, 2017

Runtime error is mainly related to windows operating system. When you open a program and work some time and this program is going to corrupt by virus or any reason then a runtime error code 58 attacks on your computer. It is one of the common errors in this windows operating system. Main reason of error 217 that your computer has travel with some software or hardware problem. It is the main cause of this error code. When you get this runtime error on your computer update it now.
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Remove Windows Runtime Error 58

By   June 6, 2017

Runtime error is related to windows operating system. When you open a program and work some time then a runtime error code 58 is encountered on your PC. It is one of the common errors in the windows. The error code 58 main reason that your computer has suffer with some software or hardware issue. It is the main cause of this error code. After you get this error on your then remove this quickly.
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