By   November 17, 2018

Windows error 5001 is associated with McAfee antivirus application. This windows error 5001 specify the erroneous application, unlike other error hexadecimal code that only gives the user a clue, that there is a problem with certain programs, leaving the user to do trial and error method to fish out the problematic application or driver and solve it.
But, windows error 5001 gives the application name that has the issue with windows error message like- Error 5051: “McAfee Antivirus has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”. Thus, makes it straight forward enough to fix.

The causes of error 5001 include, incomplete installation of the McAfee antivirus, virus or malware attack that affects system files or affects the McAfee related files, accidental deletion of McAfee antivirus related files.

This error, however, demands urgent attention especially if you begin experiencing the awful effects of this error, effects such as an abrupt end of running application immediately the error pop on your computer screen, windows not running smoothly or the system frequently freezes.

From all these indications, it shows your system is in a bad condition, and applying a remedy as soon as possible is your only way out.

Solutions to fix windows error 5001

Solution 1: using anti-malware software

The McAfee antivirus may be affected by a malware infection, so run a full system anti-malware scan to remove any malware infection affecting the McAfee antivirus.

Solution 2: System Restore

System restore allows you to have your system back in time when it was functioning properly well.

  • Click start window
  • Search for run
  • Under run type “rstrui”
  • Wait for few seconds for the system restore page to load
  • Click next
  • Choose a restore point
  • Then click finish
  • Restart PC after the process ends


Uninstall/install McAfee antivirus program

If you are sure the error 5001 popping incessantly on your computer screen is due to the McAfee Antivirus program then uninstall the program, and re-install immediately because the computer is yet vulnerable without antivirus. Follow these steps to uninstall the program

  • Go to start
  • Navigate and click on control panel
  • Click on programs
  • Then click on program and features
  • Check through for the McAfee antivirus program
  • Then right click
  • Click uninstall
  • Then follow consequent command instructions
  • Restart after successful installation
  • Then install another immediately


Windows error 5001 is a window hexadecimal code error associated with McAfee antivirus program, and the error can occur due to improper installation of the program, virus or malware attack or mistakenly deletion of McAfee related files.
This error is easy to fix since the name of the affected application is identified. You can choose to restore your system, perform a full anti-malware scan on the system or uninstall and install the antivirus program provided you are sure the cause of the error 5001 is due to the McAfee antivirus as described in the article.