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Solution of Runtime Error r6002

By   June 30, 2017

A fault in Windows registry is cause Runtime error r6002. We know that our windows stores all its hardware and data and files which regulate the operation of these registry entries. These entries are very important for Windows. Most of the programs of your PC are stored in this place. This error can crash the system and display on your screen with an error message runtime error r6002. But there is no need to feel scared about this error you can install a automatic software for it which will scans all the errors and remove such kind of error by yourself. But corrupted registry can also cause of happening this error then that case you need to use a registry cleaners which don’t take much time to repair this error. The best thing is that you might be able to use a registry cleaner on your own. So there is no need to panic for error r6002, you cannot get such kind of error message on the screen after fixing it.
Symptoms of Runtime Error r6002

  • Automatic program lock-ups
  • PC performs slowly
  • User computer screen gets crashes or freezes
  • DLL file error
  • In the mid process of Windows application installation it gets fails
  • Slow down of internet speed
  • Blue screen of death error

Causes of Runtime Error r6002

  • Malware invasion with Windows files
  • Old or outdate driver
  • Malfunction of Hardware
  • Damaged Windows DLL files
  • Wrong registry entries
  • Incomplete installation of Adobe Photoshop Element software

Solution of Runtime Error r6002

Start your Windows PC in Safe Mode

  • Click on start menu and drop down shutdown menu and select restart option
  • Remove the battery and reinsert again
  • Now restart your system again
  • After the restarting select the Safe Mode option from there
  • Wait for a moment to restart the system.
  • You can quickly fix Runtime error r6002 by booting your computer in Safe mode.

Other solution

  • Start the PC
  • Press Alt + Ctrl+ Del buttons all together
  • You will see a Windows Task Manager
  • Check there is any windows program show up in the Applications or not
  • If you see any programs then highlight it and click on ‘End Task’ button
  • Wait a moment for non-responsive programs will automatic shut down and PC will free from this error.

Using a malware Scanning program you can fix this error

Malware or Virus infection might be cause of happening Runtime error r6002 but you can easily remove viruses or malware from your system using a strong Anti-virus program. You have to download a Ant-virus on your PC and then Install it.

Scan you full PC with this and after scanning restarts your PC.
If the problem is related with Virus or malware then if will completely resolve your problem and you will obtain on your computer again.