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How to Resolve Runtime Error 380

By   June 15, 2017

Windows Operator System is very user friendly operating system. This is a common error which create problem in program files. But some time user found multiple errors in it. Every error has a specific reason so it is necessary to users they should understand the actual reason of this error code. When your system infected from malicious program then error 380 occurs. Don’t worry about this error you have to use an easy method and completely removed this error.
Symptoms of Runtime Error 380

There system performances slow

User system program run incorrectly

Many files get damaged or corrupted due to this error code

Your system can crash any time

Other symptom of error 380 Unable to install or uninstall any files, system sticking, severe data loss, screen freezing, occurring of blue screen of death

Causes of Runtime Error 380

Corrupt or damage System driver

Incomplete installation of program and software

Wrong program command line in registry

Virus infection in computer

Improper computer maintenance

Unfinished uninstalling of some files

Damaged device drivers

Misconfigured system files

Incorrect registry entries

Solution of Runtime Error 380

Disable ViewMgr to fix this error code

Click on Start menu and select Run

Type ‘msconfid’ in the run box and click on Enter

Click the Startup tab which is in system Configuration Utility dialog box

Then Clear the checkbox before ViewMgr

Restart your system.

Update the recent Windows programs of your system

Start the computer and Go to the start menu

Select control panel and click on ‘Programs and Features’

And select the programs or software which you want to uninstall or update

Right-click on that program and select Uninstall or update

Uninstalling or updating your recent programs can help you to get rid out of this Runtime Error 380

Other method

Open Start menu

Select Control Panel then Internet Options

Select Programs and Manage add ons.

You should find Norton Confidential Browser Helper, when you get this, you should disable it.

To confirm the changes, click on OK

To enable the modifications, restart your computer.
Use Third Party Tool to fix the error

Third party Tool is a good tool to fix any error code, it remove the entire problem which is occurring in your system. It also removes all the virus of your system and repair corrupted system files. This tool is making your system problem free and user system work fast or smoothly without getting any problem. Because it a automatic solution and also easy to use. In this method any user no need of technical knowledge. You just have to download it and install in your system and take a full scan of your system. After completing, restart the system.